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About MarLira Creations

Pronounced “M?r”-“Lee-r? ”. Now try rolling the "r''s.

Julia Garcia grew up in different parts of Texas during her childhood.  From west Texas in the town Olton, to Corpus Christi to Benavides to McAllen Texas,  Julia learned the traditional ways of her family.  Remembering the days her mom,  Isabel Mar would teach Julia the art of tamale making.  She made the “best” homemade tamales in the world! (As many people would tell her) Not to mention the menudo.....

Today, Julia has brought to you her own traditions and flavorful varieties of MarLira Creations tamales. Years of working to ensure MarLira Creations tamales are loved by everyone who bites into one. Even by those whom take advantage of our policy to encourage the customer to be happy with us. Yes, it happens.

Julia could not decide what to name the business she wanted to start.  Then one day, the inspirational name “MarLira” came to her.  It is a combination of the two family names combined into one. “Mar” from her mom’s side of the familia, and “Lira” from her dad’s side of the familia. 

A star was born.  Today, MarLira Creations proudly provides Central Texas areas with delicious tamales and catering made the Mar way — From Ama.

MarLira Creations catering is well recognized in the area. MarLira Creations has provided catering to different individuals as well as known businesses in and around Austin. Julia has been told her Mexican food out ranks most well-known restaurant catering services.

MarLira Creations products have shipped to New York, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, California, Texas, Florida and other U.S. states. Enjoy MarLira Creations tamales, enchiladas, or fajitas. They are something to talk about. And well remembered.

Julia Garcia-Campbell

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