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we really are "locally owned"                          (512)-791-2295 or (512)-796-6397



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pronounced “mã¤r”-“lee-r㤠”. now try rolling the "r''s.

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google maps currently asserts that we are permanently closed. this it not true. please let your friends and others know we are open and we never closed to begin with. thank you.

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our business model is simple. we sell tamales. our daily offerings of various foods are simple, we sell tacos, various plates for a little something extra to go with the tamales, tacos or sandwiches.  yes, also we sell sandwiches, cold cut, or fresh from the stovetop, or from our slow cook process. the best part about our way of business? we are not a corporation, just two natural people of texas who created our own source to pay our bills without relying on our government for benefits. we also offer custom foods. pre-order custom foods for evening meals, or other occasions. call us for details.

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marlira creations, tamales to-go is not a legal entity within the realms of corporate law, it is a mom & pop, unincorporated sole proprietership conveniently located in beautiful coupland texas, home of the legendary coupland dance hall.  see our map for directions to get here. or you can always call us to place your order prior to pick up. that way you get the tamale flavor you are looking for, if we have that flavor available, because as many of our customers know that if you wait until you get here, you get the flavors that are available when you arrive.  it works out better to pre-order that way because we make, steam and wrap the tamales to come out fresh from the steamer just before you get here. you can't get them any fresher that way. or if you are traveling you can order them and we'll refrigerate or freeze them for your trip. call for details.

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  • tamales are our first priority. always have been.

  • please understand our hours are dedicated to making tamales for our customers. walk-up orders get what we have to offer at the time, and pre-ordered tamales pickup the flavor they want.

  • we have no set menu because we sell tamales, however, marlira likes making different foods all the time. in the past we've offered menudo, barbacoa, carne guisada, enchiladas, sweets, and many other items. we make them from scratch, including marlira's own blend of seasonings. even marlira's mexican chorizo and breakfast sausage is homemade. marlira also sells the chorizo or breakfast sausage by the pound. call for details because we make it when you order it. we also sell hot sauce by the jar, and a delicious cilantro lime sauce for dipping foods in.

  • we “customize” our food for you. by dedicating our time to making tamales, it has become difficult to offer our other delicious foods all the time.  at times we feel the customer, you, are disappointed in our service. for that we; truly apologize.   if you want "fast food" there are plenty of places like jack in the box, or mcdonald's in taylor texas, or in elgin texas. we serve good food, not fast food.

  • we are working to accommodate and we believe we found a solution to this seemingly problematic issue of serving both tamales and food. after all, we are a "mom & pop" shop.

  • we have found that if the customer, that means you, will call in and order ahead of time, we can work around our tamale making process to provide your order for you. “custom” food if you will.

  • call first and find out what we offer for the day.

  • when we are ahead of our tamale making, we can offer our lunch foods like; various burger types, fries, bowls, or plates

  •  we also offer our “family meal” special @ $19.50 which can feed up to four people. call us about it.

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we know where our success comes from. if it were not for him, we would not have you as a customer. our growth comes from our past and present customers, whom advertise for us which is the best advertisement anyone could ask for. word of mouth. for that, we are thankful to you, our customers who have followed us from our previous locations. it was a long road to travel when we first started out selling tamales out of the back of the truck in the middle of nowhere, on highway 95, south of taylor texas, and part of the brazos trail back in 2004. good news is, we finally found a home, right here in coupland texas, almost where it all began. no need to look any further. we are here in coupland, a great place to be, friendly people, and beautiful sites. not to mention good music.

thank you for your support