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If you want fast food there are plenty of places around for that. But if you want good food, MarLira's is the place to satisy the taste buds.


MarLira Creations provides a variety of Mexican foods. However, tamales are the main focus. MarLira Creations tamales weigh in at a little over two (2) pounds per dozen. Much larger than many commercial tamale products.

NEW - Our menu is changing. It's a new year. MarLira now aslo offers fries to go with the burgers. We also offer cheese fries, chili cheese fries, shrimp & fries, Chicken fingers & fries, and a different variety of tacos. This page will be updated soon with sample photos of our new food offerings. Again, we thank you for your patronage.

MarLira Tamales
Flavors provided on a regular basis; Pork, Spicy Pork, Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Bean and Cheese, Spicy Cream Cheese
                                                                              [CALL FOR PRICES]

Strawberry Cream Cheese

NEW - Sweet Tamale; Strawberry Cream Cheese - By request, MarLira now offers its version of a strawberry cream cheese tamale

$2.00 each + Tax



Enjoy MarLira soft tacos made fresh. MarLira mixes their own seasonings instead of buying store bought seasoning. with the right blend of seasonings, our customers keep coming back for tasty MarLira treats.

MarLira Soft Tacos
Flavors provided on a regular basis; Pork Fajita, Chicken Fajita, Ground Pork, pulled pork, or brisket
                                                                                          $3.00 each + Tax

Breakfast Tacos

MarLira gets up pretty early in the morning. Around here we wake the rooster up. But most of those early morning workouts are due to tamale orders for the day. It is our main focus. Nevertheless, when time is available for making breakfast, our lights will be on, and as most customers know, MarLira has always offered to those whom ask about getting our breakfast tacos, we say, "all you have to do is call in and pre-order breakfast tacos and we will make time for you". Just let us know what time you expect to pick them up, and they will be ready. We do things different, we're "mom & pop".

MarLira Breakfast Tacos uses its own homemade sausage, and chorizo, not store bought. Flavors provide for pre-order; Sausage and egg; Bacon and egg; Potato and egg; bean and egg, or chorizo and egg. We make our own, it's not fast food.

Email for details                                                                 $2.50 each + Tax


Pulled Pork Sandwich MarLira offers slow cooked, shredded, pulled pork. Made with MarLira's blend of seasonings to provide a very tasty sandwich. Come with onions, pickles, and MarLira's mustard BBQ sauce.

$5.00 each + Tax

Brisket - Marlira offers their version of  beef brisket, slow cooked for hours. MarLira's brisket comes with MarLira's own BBQ sauce, on a toasted bun, with onions and pickles.

$5.50 each + Tax

Burgers - MarLira now offers hamburgers, and cheeseburgers. You can get them in your choice meats; Beef, or Pork. Either are served with all the trimmings, letuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, ketchup, mayonaise.

Hamburger      $5.00 each + Tax

 Cheeseburger      $5.00 each + Tax


Sausage, Egg, & Cheese on Toast Marlira offers this tasty breakfast treat to those who enjoy the taste of homemade breakfast sausage, topped with egg and cheese on toasted bread. We also offer Bacon, Egg, & Cheese on toast.

Email for details                                                                                $3.50 each + Tax

Special Order


MarLira offers enchiladas on a special order basis. It takes time to prepare the enchiladas, and bake them, so we ask that you give us an ample amount of time to ensure you get the best tasting enchiladas around. Made with fresh cheese,

MarLira Enchiladas Flavors offered; Pork, Chicken, Cheese, or pulled pork
                                                                                                        $24.00 dozen + Tax

1/2 dozen for $12.00 + Tax

Hot Sauce

MarLira makes one awesome hot sauce according to our customers. With the perfect blend of seasonings, and the right amount of jalapeno, a hot sauce which people actually enjoying drinking. No kidding. To heck with the tortilla chips, right? It's the taster's choice.

MarLira Hot Sauce Although MarLira provides its hot sauce with most meals, you can buy it by the jar, in either 12 oz. or 16 oz. sizes. MarLira Hot Sauce is only prepared when you order it at the pickup window. You can't get any fresher than that. Of course, if you want to purchase more than 16 oz. MarLira can help.

16 oz. - $7.50

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - Try Julia's fresh squeezed lemonade, made when you order it.

16 oz. - $2.00   or  32 oz. - $4.00